The Energy of an Artist

1. I’m not here to promote any business; I just want to write. I live a pretty fantastic life, so why not document it?

2. I think my son is (and two stepsons are) so FRESH, and that makes some people uncomfortable. I talk about J like he is royalty and believe he is.

3. I’m obsessive and have addictive tendencies … which is why I don’t drink alcohol. Yep, it’s true. I’ve never been drunk. That little fact tends to shock people … along with the fact that I’m a mom and drove a minivan for nearly five years (not anymore, thank you very much. Now I drive “Jett”).

4. I’m also possessive. If I choose you and you hurt me, the rebellious monster comes out of me. I can be fearless.

5. I think the energy of an artist is melodic, majestic and visceral. (Don’t steal that; it’s in one of my poems.)

6. Things I strongly dislike: talking on the phone; crowds; putrid smells (sensitive nose!); skinny jeans (on anyone); talking behind peoples’ backs. Take your gossip somewhere else, please. And I don’t think jokes are funny if they have to be at other peoples’ expense all the time.

7. I’m extremely interested in people, but not necessarily in making friends. There is half a handful of people for which I would do anything.

8. I’m forgiving even when I don’t want to be.

9. I have studied more about African American history and culture than I have my own. But it is part of my own culture. And yours.

10. One of my favorite hobbies is laughing to tears. About nothing. Usually.


11. I’m self-deprecating.

12. I celebrate other peoples’ victories more easily than my own.

13. I don’t like to be the boss, but I love being the wingman.

14. My favorite color is burnt orange, like sweet potato pie. I’m pretty fond of the brown family, in general.

15. I love soul food, and I love crab legs. (And chocolate does a body good!)

16. I’m a fan of great poetry such as “Peeling an Orange,” by Virginia Hamilton Adair. Look it up.

17. I’m deeply emotional and sensitive … even neurotic. I laugh hard, cry hard, fight hard and love hard.

18. Apparently I’m very private about things most people share freely, and I’m too open about things people think should be private. Exhibit A: posting this ridiculous list.

19. My mind changes with every gust of wind. In fact, after posting this, I’ll probably rethink it and delete it. But I’m a firm believer in experiencing things for yourself because another’s experience with something will never be the same as yours.

20. The truth is, I’m pretty good at a lot of different things and not great at any one thing.

21. I over-analyze practically everything — to the point I can create a situation that didn’t even happen.

22. I hate the cold, and I’m usually freezing, particularly my hands and feet.

23. I’m infatuated with Jill Scott. Her music, her poetry, what she represents, her soul and even, yes, her afro. Direct your attention to the name of my car in #3. Yes, the same name as her son. Yes, my prince’s name also begins with a J. She would be my best friend if she knew me.

24. If I commit to you, I’ll give you my all … practically sell you my soul. This doesn’t happen often, though. And it’s probably only a temporary commitment.

25. I stet myself at work in what seems like nearly every article I edit. Shocker, given the previous 24 facts.

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