Toward the end of my last semester of college, the chair of the English department made me promise to write regularly, and he told me to develop a plan. Upon graduation, I immediately moved on to the next project and stopped writing. I stopped. Writing.

As I drove away from work this evening, I panicked momentarily when I realized I hadn’t mentally prepared any topics on which to write tonight. But then I looked at Mr. BlackBerry and saw the date. Today marks the halfway point for Dr. Jeanette Cates’ 30-Day Blog Challenge.

When I accepted the challenge, I didn’t have an agenda — except to agree to something that would hold me accountable and force my dreams and memories out of their hiding place.

Day One of the challenge was exciting and fun, and I was overly enthusiastic to write while soaring on my adrenaline high. Day Two, it became a chore.

But here we are on the 15th day and, as Brian McKnight would say, I’m “back at one.” While others are teaching nuggets of marketing and sales and social media wisdom, I’m just telling stories. And I’m lovin’ it.

See, I don’t do the scrapbook thing, and I don’t take many pictures aside from the mental ones. It forces me to pay attention to the here and now. And it leaves just enough room for me to forget any details I don’t want to remember. But those little details are the juice. So I’ll write. Instead of a photo album, J, my family and friends will have my e-stories.

When I awakened yesterday, I heard a voice say, “Build it and they will come.” So that’s what I intend to do. Build. For you and for me. My stories aren’t any better than yours; I just choose to try to create interesting ways to tell them. Write about yours, and I’ll enjoy those, too. Maybe you have dreams and memories in hiding. If so, I say, build ’em.

Thanks for stopping by. If you read only one sentence or story, I hope it somehow touches you. If you visit every day, well, welcome to my family.

Dear Dr. C:

I’m a little late getting started (shocker!), but I’m making it happen. I’m actually making it happen.



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  1. I wake up in the am and go to read my email to see your blogs every day to have a fresh start at the day. For that reason alone, you have to continue to write. Remember, it is morning. haha

  2. In cyberspace, you never know who might be blessed by your carefully shaped words and phrases, your lovingly crafted sentences, revised paragraphs, and well-honed and honeyed thoughts. Write with your mother and a wider audience in mind =)