Be the BOSS

He said, “You’re so good at everything, Mom. Why don’t you get paid for all these things you do?”

My prince and I were sitting by the pool, having one of our deep discussions. I admittedly was whining about the funds and how I get frustrated from working so hard and having nothing to show for it. I told him this is only for a season, though. I told him things will turn around soon.

Please, God, let my words be true.

I said, “J, I think with my heart. I’m addicted to helping people. Believe me, I want to be making money for these things. And I will soon enough. You don’t start with a brick one day and have a house the next. It takes a lot of groundwork to build a house. But mark my words, it will come.”

He said, “Well, you should think with your head and make the money first, then think with your heart and help all those other people.”

Yes, yes. Advice from a business-savvy 10-year-old.

I’ve always been more comfortable being someone’s wingman than I’ve been being the boss. It’s officially time to grow up. Time to be the boss. No more punkin’ out. No more being afraid of my own success.

Mark Andersen, sales trainer, says, “Success is a choice and people choose their outcome every day. It doesn’t just happen but rather you need to make it happen.” So I’ve decided to follow J’s Mark’s advice. I’m going to make things happen.

I’ve recently encountered and joined The BOSS Network, an organization that promotes women embodying and striving to be bosses.

I wonder if bosses have wings. These women make you believe they do. These women fly. They soar. They encourage. They empower.

And I cannot wait to be esteemed as one of them. A BOSS.

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  1. This was a great post! As women we have a hard time really being the boss at times and can take on the doormat personality. Sounds like you got some great advice and are on your way

    1. Thank you, Toya.

      I’ve never really been the doormat type; I just don’t like the pressure of decision-making and delegating. I’m more of a “tell me what you need and I’ll do it” kind of person. But I’m not proud of that.

  2. Hi Melissa.

    I love this post and I know that the BOSS in within you ready to burst out…Go for it.


    1. Wow! Thank you, Cameka.

      See? This is what I mean. You make me feel like I can fly. Like my wings extend over continents.

      I count it all joy that I stumbled upon you and The BOSS Network when I did. I also recognize the message in that timing. 😉

      See you soon!

  3. Melissa,

    I love that advice from a 10 year old (those are the days that really get you thinking). Without a doubt, women can be and do anything they choose to do, of course, we have a world of responsibilities to go with that. But you can be the “boss” and you will succeed. Simply recognizing where you are at and where you want to be is the first step on the path to reaching that goal.

    Keep writing & reflecting!


    1. Hey, Susan!

      Thank you for this comment. Yes, sometimes it astonishes me how we can raise children to know “the right way” to do things, but we fall short of our own teachings.

      I meant what I said on Twitter about connection.

      So happy to have “met” you.

      Take care,

  4. Love your post as always. The ten year-old is on to something. LOL! Know that God will restore everything even when it seems like it might not happen that’s when it does. Step out on faith, you might even fall a couple of times but just don’t stay down. Beside, it sounds like J won’t let you anyway. LOL!

    I pray God gives you the strength to make IT ALL HAPPEN!

    1. Hi msysspinks!

      Of this I am confident: It will happen. Patience is not my strength, but I’m learning how to respect it. Especially when people such as you are near. 😉

      Thank you for the opportunity to do the book tour. I can’t wait!