Daddy’s Gone Home

  • Time: 11:07 a.m. today
  • Location: Dentist’s chair
  • What: E-mail alert on my phone
  • Sender: my dear friend who was J’s preschool director and kindergarten teacher
  • subject line: Daddy’s gone home
  • Message: “Just want to let you know that my dad passed yesterday, and my son came home from the Army yesterday with a double hip stress fracture. He will be home 30 days to heal….my dad is pain free!”

Just a few weeks ago I went to her house for her son’s Army departure party. She told me her dad was sick; I said I should go see him; she said I should.

I didn’t go.

I’d been to his house for Easter a few times because I love his family, and his wife could throw down a soul food Easter dinner.

Her dad used to make it a point to come to our church if he knew I’d be dancing. Apparently, he’d also ask about me at family functions.

Whenever I’d see him, I’d automatically mirror his contagious smile that flashed his gold tooth.

I’m so sad for my friend. And I’m sorry about her son’s predicament. But I’m not surprised by the timing. Her son was coming home to be nursed back to health, but God put him there to be the nurse. She asked for prayers for the family, but I seem them already being answered.

If something’s telling you to pay a visit to someone you know could use a smile to mirror, do it. You may never have that opportunity again.

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