Hustle And Flow

Last night I listened to Cameka Smith’s live radio interview about The BOSS Network and was instantly inspired. At once humble and confident, this woman praised her team and encouraged others to become a part of it.

There’s a saying that a business is top-down, meaning, leaders determine overall happenings within a company. If the top of the ladder has an attitude of encouragement and positivity, it will infiltrate the rest of the company. If leaders are supportive, followers will willingly and effortlessly be the standing legs of those leaders.

Smith made some very good points about entrepreneurial women needing the support of each other. We tend to take for granted that once in power, leaders have accomplished everything and are well on their way. The focus becomes about the responsibility of the leader to … well, lead. What’s missing is, leaders — especially female leaders — need that constant support, that backbone.

Sure, God will direct us. But, let’s face it: Everyone has times when he or she is “too busy” to pray or rely on faith alone. Sometimes we just need to hear an audible compliment or encouraging word from a friend or associate or boss or direct report or family member or peer. A pat on the back that says, “Hey, I acknowledge you’re doing a great job.”

Too often, I’ve noticed, people assume because we’re confident, successful women, we’re already receiving those bonuses or compliments or positive performance reviews regularly and we have what we need, so they hold back their compliments. Don’t want to take any chances on someone becoming too confident, now.

What sense does that make, I ask you? What harm does it do to tell people how they’ve positively affected you? “Oh, she hears that all the time.” You know what? She probably doesn’t. People everywhere may think the same things of her, but they assume the same things you do, that she “hears it all the time.” I say, if someone impresses you with even the tiniest gesture or feat, let that person know.

Congratulations on a wonderful interview, Cameka. I’m proud of what you’re doing. I believe you and this network have been placed in my path for a reason.

And now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to pat myself on the back this time for this past week’s events that happened in addition to my full-time job:

Tuesday evening: Was a guest speaker for a writers’ workshop

Wednesday: Rehearsed for Yow Dance

Thursday: Performed with Yow Dance at Quest Inc.’s Thunderbird Camp

Friday: Was asked to write book reviews for a virtual book tour; rehearsed for Yow Dance

Saturday: Performed with Yow Dance at Orlando Public Library

Sunday: Wrote two blog posts for the Yow Dance blog; listened to Cameka Smith’s radio interview

Monday (very early morning): Wrote this, my first blog post for the Ultimate Blog Challenge

Of course, these activities do not include all of the “mom duties,” social networking, workouts, reading, resume updating and other such responsibilities of working women, not to mention getting featured a second time on The BOSS Network.

Hey, someone’s gotta tell me I’m doing all right, right?

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  1. Melissa, thank you for the post. It is definitely a hustle and go with the flow mentality you need to have as an entrepreneur. I think you’re doin a great job as a B0SS.

    Keep up the good work!

  2. As I have always said, Tell me when I am alive if I have done something you think is worthy, do not wait until I’m gone and wish you had said something. Too late. So, my dear, I am telling you now and always have how wonderful I think you are and how you are handling things.