Pencil Me In!

Houston, we have a problem. How is it that I have to be penciled in to spend time with J? Seriously. The kid is booked through the end of July.

Now, don’t get me wrong, here. I’m honored to have a prince who’s in such high demand. I’m proud enough to prance because people want to spend time with him. But, dang!

As I was shuttling him to his friend’s house today, I said: “J, you aren’t going anywhere with anybody but me tomorrow when I get home from work. It’s my turn.”

Kinda funny how the tables turn. He’s always been great about letting me do my thing; but he lets me know when it’s his turn.

When Jett rumbled us up to J’s friend’s house, we saw his buddy half-sulking on a bench with another friend. They looked up at us, whipped their heads at each other and back, and then took one giant leap to the car.

I said, “Wow, J. Look at those smiley guys.”

He humbly bowed his head, but I could see his satisfied smile. Emanating from his ears.

The guys did daps and pats and said their hellos and walked and talked and lifted their lows. And as they floated on their freedom flight, J disembarked for a brief moment to return to the car and drop this one on me: “I create smiles like that.”

Grinning woman, I am. Grin-ning woman.

But hold your screen eye just a moment longer. There’s one more tidbit.

His buddy’s parents approached the car and exchanged a reassuring glance, then proceeded to say to me: “We don’t know what your plans are, or how you feel about this, but we’re going on a family vacation in July and [their son] asked if [Jmoney] could go with us. We’d love to have him. We’ll be doing …”


They detailed a list of convincing assurances and activities and said they knew I’d need some time to think about it — and some other words I didn’t hear. My mind was spinning. What’s more, the date of their trip happens to be the same week I’ll be out of town on business.

Hello, God? It’s me, Melissa. Thank you, thank you, thank you for giving me this gift. Even if I’m placed on the waiting list. I’d say he’s worth the wait. Indeed.

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  1. Miss Meliss…
    As in everything you have done and are about to do.. You are superior! I know this for I have taught you everything you know! hahaha I read about not caring for the color pink.. we know the color of choice is teal esp. in the form of a wool blazer. Everytime you try to be someone you are not.. it is a challenge… you need not to scan other’s blogs, for you are superior to anything out there, that is why the ideas did not satisfy your hunger or quench your thirst, outside of the fact they are not double chocolate fudge brownies and diet pepsi. Your cooking, cleaning battles are becoming second nature.. (It’s about stinking time, I’ve been trying for 30 years to help you on this!!) God is guiding you step by step back into His arms/house/passion. There is no coincidence… there is indeed a much greater power, the ultimate being living inside you. Sit back, clear your thoughts and listen! Your answers will be picture perfect. The apartment was the alarm, waiting a month was the snooze… The soccer mom minivan was the yodel.. Jett is the response verse 2… Busy schedule.. life of a perfect mom… Answered prayers/vacation for your fresh prince at your busiest time..that is God continuing to knock at your heart asking to let Him back in…You recognizing it.. I know the door has been cracked but the security chain is still fastened. As I sit hear and read these fantabulous blogs.. live every moment just like I have the first round.. I debate to I write or not to write ,knowing every misspelled word/typo/ punctuation will be evaluated and critiqued. My rambling sentences piercing your eyes like shards of glass going thru your veins.. I just have to say one thing about that… who gives a damn… Yes indeed I said a soap word! Sometimes you just need to! Being a mom to 4, with my Denmark son, 5.. I think I deserve to use a soap word once in a while to get my point across!! God has opened the door wide for you. This is your “new beginning” the birth of a new chapter!! I love you most! You’re my inspiration! I love to live vicariously thru my baby sister! My favorite sister!!

    Doc’s mom