Royal Approval

I did it. I took a day off from work to spend with my prince. It was his last day of basketball camp, and I wanted to be there. For once, I let work wait.

J slept at his friend’s house last night, so I called him to make arrangements this morning. Before I could get out the first sentence, he had started reading me my Miranda Rights: “You have the right to remain silent.”

Oh boy. She was going to be there to watch her brother who was also at the camp. She is the girl.

“Mom, when I score — and I will — please don’t embarrass me and yell my name like you do. And if you see [her], do not say hiiiiiii like you do. Please, Mom.”


The moment I stepped into the gym, I climbed onto the bleachers and heard from the court, “Oh, snap! [Jmoney], your mom is here.” That, from one of his older friends. A teenager. Sheesh. In the bleachers, a little boy we know from the football field asked his mom if I was [Jmoney’s] mommy. She told him I was. Then his high-pitched screech echoed across the gym: “[Jmoney], your mom is here! [Jmoney]! Did you hear me? Your mom is heeeeere!” But J already knew.

J’s eyes met mine and he half-grinned. Then the coaches made small groups run laps around the gym. Who do you know led his group? Yessir. He wore his pride on that run. I could feel his determination say, “Watch me whoop their tails, Mom. They can’t touch me! I’m [Jmoney]!”

I asked him when the program ended if I could shoot a few hoops. “Of course! Come on, Mom!” I hopped down from the bleachers and ran out onto the court. At once I was surrounded by dribbling dreamers. “Miss Dixon, watch this!” “Miss Melissa, watch me!” “Miss Dixon, pass me the ball!” And J couldn’t scrape the smile off his face if he tried.

As we drove away from the gym, J said: “Did you talk to [her]?” I told him I hadn’t. He said, “I kind of wanted you to say Hi to her.”

Funny how that flipped. Once he remembered he had such a cool/hot/sexy mom — OK, maybe I added the adjectives — he wanted me to talk to [her]. He wanted me to talk to [her].

And I was worried about taking the day off from work? Not this time, folks.

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