Shake Things Up

Stop blinking, Mom. Yes, you’re in the correct place. I’ve just moved the furniture around a bit. I got bored with the scenery. I know, you’re not surprised.

I’m not crazy about this layout either, if you want to know the truth. It also doesn’t fit me. Especially that ugly bug-like creature up there (^) in the heading. What is that, anyway?

Everything has shifted from the right to the left. I know how you get bored easily, as well, so think of it as me doing you a favor, shaking things up a bit. It’ll be like a whole new game for you.

But the colors are nice, right? I thought they complemented my black and white mug rather nicely. If you don’t like it, well, you can tell me to my face when I see you Friday. You read that correctly.

Jett will be motoring J and me to Jacksonville to see you before your cruise. We’re so excited to see you. How long has it been, a year? Now, stop asking so many questions, nosy Nelly. I’ve given you a tour, you’ll get to cry on my shoulder on a Friday morning and you’re going on a cruise. I’d say life is pretty good. Now go get dressed.

P.S. Please wear something cute. We have to take advantage of our strut time while we have it. Don’t tell me you’ve gotten rusty. No matter. I’ll show you how it’s done. *click clack*

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