The President

“Hi, Melissa! I need to tell you something,” the baseball coach’s wife said with a smile as she clanked her knees while walking the metal tightrope of the bleachers to get to me.

Uh oh.

“We just returned from vacation in Washington, D.C., and we walked around near the capitol building. [Her 9-year-old son] really enjoyed it.”

I knew where this was going. I know, I know, Jmoney looks like President Obama. He gets that a lot.

“Out of nowhere, when we were walking around, [her son] said: ‘Mom, [Jmoney] would be a great president. He always wants everyone to get along, and he’s always breaking up fights.’”


(Excuse me while I remove the baseball from my throat.)

“Melissa, are you OK? I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to make you cry! It’s true. Every time he comes over and the kids from the neighborhood play football or whatever, an argument or a fight always breaks out, and [Jmoney] always breaks it up and gets everyone to calm down. He’s such a good kid.”

She took my breath away. To think that my son’s buddy was 760+ miles away, stomping the grass of our national leader’s lawn and it made him think of J that way, no greater compliment could be paid.

Sure, it’s not uncommon for teachers and parents to compliment him or tell me what a special kid he is or that I should clone him. <– I’m not making this up.

But his buddy thinks of him that way?


Royalty, I tell ya. One-of-a-kind royalty.

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